Andrew Hunter

    Andrew is a painter based in Enochdhu, Perthshire. After a career as a Graphic Designer and Creative Director producing art for commercial purposes, Andrew is savouring the artistic freedom he has as a painter. 

    Andrew’s choice of subject matter changes frequently, as does his painting style and choice of medium. This keeps things interesting for Andrew and allows his practice to continually develop.


    Andrew is not bound by a particular medium or a specific painting style, his ability to switch between techniques, subject matter and materials, sometimes within the one piece of work, gives his work a distinctive character. 

    Andrew does not believe in precision, he’s far more eager to capture the essence of a scene than to closely follow any object’s exact boundary lines. The result is work that creates energy and drama.  


    Andrew is endlessly inspired by Scotland’s landscapes. The way light rays change, divert and interact with clouds, trees and mountains, gives him the motivation to paint. He loves to capture and recreate the drama of a landscape scene. 



    When approaching a new painting, Andrew doesn't draw every element of his subject matter. Instead, he considers his subject for some time and then draws just the bare outline on his canvas. From here he instinctively allows his head, hand and brush to create his artwork.

    Andrew is happy to work with charcoal, ink and wash, watercolours, acrylic or oil paints and will often use multiple techniques in one painting to reach the effect he is looking for.


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    Enochdhu, Perthshire

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