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Cathy Wagstaff

As a landscape painter based in Highland Perthshire, Cathy combines her love of being immersed in the outdoors with her fascination of how atmospheric changes of light and weather impact her view of the scenery. 


Born in France, and having lived in many locations across Europe and Scotland before establishing a base in Perthshire, Cathy uses her work to express and share the awe, serenity and freedom she enjoys in the outdoors. Central to her work is the idea of transience and a journey towards light, she hopes that her paintings lift your spirits and inspires a desire to protect our local landscape.


Cathy’s work is a contemporary interpretation of how she sees the vastness and beauty of the natural world, capturing a sense of scale amongst atmospheric changes such as sunlight, clouds, mist and varying levels of rain, each bringing a unique quality to the way we see the land. Working in mixed media and acrylics, Cathy’s use of colour, movement and energy invoke her memories and impressions of a place or a moment in time through different layers of work being added and subtracted. She works in a series of artworks, each piece connects to another, but also stands alone. 



All Cathy’s work begins outside and she’s always ready to capture a moment and the essence of an impression of a place. If walking or biking her equipment will be a simple folded sheet of paper and a pencil in a ziplock bag popped into a pocket.  When embarking on a sketching outing, her fully packed rucksack contains sketchbooks, inks, watercolours, charcoals and soft pastels. Taking 2-3 small sketch books enables an uninterrupted creative flow of work, allowing time for one to dry whilst working on another and not limiting her choice of materials to best capture the scene. 

Once back in the studio, Cathy may also use photos and videos to jog her memory. Her work develops and builds in layers, whilst taking inspiration from her sketchbooks she continues by working intuitively rather than recreating the location.  Each painting evolves through paint and a wide range of media to best encapsulate the spirit and freedom of the landscape.

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Highland Perthshire

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