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Micah Stanbridge

As a conservation and adventure photographer Micah is driven by his life long respect and deep connection with nature.  Through his fine art style photography he aims to inspire viewers to cherish and conserve our natural world.

From growing up in the Scottish Highlands to working in the upper reaches of the Norwegian arctic, supporting ocean conversation projects in Madagascar and cycling solo and unsupported across the USA, Micah continues to explore and push the boundaries of creativity and adventure. Whether he is hiking, running, exploring or diving, Micah enjoys the journey and strives to document and share his work so that it might inspire others and take you on his journey.


The purity of nature and the perspective in life experienced when in the depths and beauty of the wilderness are strongly conveyed throughout Micah’s work.  Through his lens he encapsulates an ethereal quality which induces a deep-rooted appreciation of the natural living world and pervading sense of calm. He shares the connections he’s drawn to between people and nature, the way he sees life playing out all around him through the artistry of colour, lighting, shapes, and patterns. By capturing these fleeting moments, he aims to highlight and celebrate our relationship with nature.



Wherever possible when heading out on his photographic ventures into remote reaches of the Scottish Highlands, Micah is accompanied by his faithful dog Nala.  A couple of sentences would be ideal here briefly describing your process, eg: do you plan photographic days out, choose to be out very early/late, snap images on your phone from wherever you are, or both.  Are your images further developed using digital techniques etc. 


Micah’s captivating images are available as limited edition prints in varying sizes and cards. Keen to enable others to experience their own connection with nature, he plans to run a series of workshops teaching photography and taking people into the wilds.  Initially starting in Perthshire and planning to grow further afield in Scotland and around the world, he aims to collaborate with conservation organisations, individuals and outdoor brands to promote nature and encourage positive change in our world. 


Location and Links

Perth Creative Exchange, Stormont Street, Perth

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