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Gillian Hunt

Gillian is a photographic artist with a passion for capturing the ‘macro’ beauty found when focussing her camera lens on the ‘micro’ detail of flowers, grasses and bumblebees.

A self professed nature lover and mostly self-taught photographer, Gillian shares her working space in WildGrass Studio, based in Glen Lyon, North Perthshire, with her life and business partner, fellow photographer and Perthshire Artisan, Dave Hunt.


Flora and fauna has enthralled Gillian from a very young age when she spent many happy hours communing with and discovering nature. Now, through her artwork, Gillian is able to both indulge and share her passion for the natural world by photographing the essence and beauty of flowers and capturing the intricacies of the bumblebee’s amazing daily life as they flit from flower to flower.


Gillian beautifully captures how even the most ordinary looking flower can look stunning through her lens, and knows, perhaps surprisingly which flowers are not photogenic enough for a macro perspective.


Through Gillian’s desire to share emotion through her photography (and after years of experimenting with mixed media), has found a way to emulate the beauty of sun shining on raindrops after a summer shower, or bouncing off frost on a glorious winter’s morning, through the use of Magical Diamond Dust.  Gillian’s judicious use of this particular medium brings her images alive as it catches the light on the wings of a bumblebee or petals of a flower.

Gillian then selects which images to continue working with and may use Photoshop to either draw or digitally paint on it further enhancing the detail, or simply do very little to the original shot.  


Gillian prints her own work in house on textured Fine Art Paper creating cards and Giclee prints, and then selects either a black or off white mount before framing her work. This is also an in-house process shared between her partner Dave, who cuts and pins the frames, before Gillian sands and finishes them to reflect her signature style and colour. 

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Glen Lyon, North Perthshire

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Work by this artisan

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We don’t have any products to show right now.

We don’t have any products to show right now.

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