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    Julie Godfrey

    Julie handcrafts indulgent artisan soaps, skincare products and solid shampoos using age old techniques to create a contemporary and 100% natural skincare collection.


    Working under the name Lather & Smudge in Blair Atholl, Julie’s products use the best ingredients nature has to offer and are scented with 100% natural essential oils.  Ensuring her process is sustainable throughout is an integral part of Julie’s practice whilst providing a treat from start to finish, from the glorious aromas when unboxing, to the luxury textures when using these quality products.


    Guided by nature’s earthy and soothing colour palette Julie uses clays, plant infusions, activated charcoal and cocoa for both colour and to create the individual swirls, layers and patterns in her soaps. 



    Julie finds working with limited colours creates boundaries and enhances her creative process, as certain colours like blue for instance, are off limits.  Also, most plant colours fade to brown in the process which provides creative challenges, resulting in repeated experimental processes to find the perfect recipe. Similar challenges apply to developing the scents, some like vanilla and coconut don’t have natural essential oils and therefore don’t survive the saponification process when added.  All essential oils react differently, some seizing the soap instantly requiring immediate action to avoid it thickening too quickly to swirl or layer, whilst others impact so lightly they never thicken. Each recipe has it’s own personality which Julie has taken the time to get to know in developing her indulgent, deliciously scented and oversized soap and skincare products. Julie also ensures that every stage of production is sustainable from using eco-friendly ingredients to minimal 100% compostable packaging avoiding the use of plastic at all stages of production.

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    Blair Atholl, Perthshire

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