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    Karenina Johnson

    Karenina is an artist who loves painting various aspects of Scottish life, from quirky humorous landscapes to dark brooding scenes, flowers, birds and a particular favourite, bees.


    Working from her home based studio in Perth, Karenina enjoys working in both oils and acrylics and occasionally adds in the lustre of 24 carat gold leaf.  Karenina often works on commissions and also has some of her artworks available in prints and coasters. 


    Karenina has always enjoyed painting as a personal interest and put her creative talent into working as an Interior Designer with both private and hotel clients.  The pull to paint was too great and after successfully selling artworks in a Glasgow Gallery, Karenina focussed on her own work and sharing her talent teaching art classes across Scotland. Karenina is inspired to paint what she loves and whatever she finds herself drawn to, resulting in an eclectic collection from still life to brooding skies.


    Whatever the subject matter, Karenina often works from memory, drawing out her ideas in detail before committing to paint. Working mostly in oils and acrylics, Karenina likes to have several paintings on easels at any given time, this both allows for the slow drying time of oils and enables a variety of styles and subjects. When working in oils, it’s the buttery, silky smooth texture of the paints which Karenina enjoys manipulating across the canvas as the image evolves and comes to life, and when complete, the definition and texture of the finished piece.  Karenina often chooses to varnish her artworks with a satin glazed effect, both an aesthetic and practical choice, as the varnish both strengthens the colours and protects the image which can be framed without the need for glass. 

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    We don’t have any products to show right now.

    We don’t have any products to show right now.

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