Laura Grace Caldwell

    Laura is a designer creating contemporary, bold and colourful polymer clay jewellery collections, created to make you feel fabulous.  


    Creating under the name WEAR⎜WITH⎜GRACE from her studio in Comrie High Street, Laura’s designs are strongly influenced by a combination of her background in theatre design and her Perthshire surroundings.  Her collections include pieces which can be worn as both statement and everyday wear.


    Laura’s designs are heavily influenced by her background in theatre design, a love of photography and visual culture as well as her rural Perthshire surroundings.  Predominantly working in polymer clay, Laura finds this an ideal medium, as she confesses to being relatively impatient as well as extremely visual,


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    the clay allows Laura to develop a number of different designs within a reasonable timeframe.  Laura is also developing design concepts which combine both clay and silver.



    Laura’s design process begins with developing mood boards, photographs of textures, landscapes, fabrics or other visual images which are then taken to her work bench where she begins sketching out ideas, shapes and patterns before trying them in clay. There follows an experimental period when Laura determines how best to realise her designs before the making begins and once happy with her design, the clay is then conditioned, cut & baked. Once baked each piece is sanded, polished and then assembled before being photographed.

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    Comrie, Perthshire 

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