Louise Nowell

    Louise is a felt and fibre artist who paints with wool, silk and natural fibres creating unique pieces of felt art which combine beautiful colours with a feeling of depth and a highly tactile quality.


    Working under the name The Ceilidh Room, Louise uses wet felting and needle felting techniques to create her felt paintings reflecting the Perthshire countryside, flora and fauna that surround her studio in Glenshee.


    Louise draws her inspiration from the landscapes, scenery and wildlife of Highland Perthshire and enjoys both bringing this wonderful part of Scotland to life and sharing it through her work in felt art.


    Using different breeds of wool, silk, bamboo fibres and other natural textures, Louise’s process includes a blend of wet felting and needle felting techniques. The fibres are laid in fine, wispy layers, building and blending colours and adding lustre with silk and bamboo, then wet felted to create a soft background. The details are then needle felted, to give definition, depth and interest, this technique works particularly well creating a 3D wool texture and definition on the images of wildlife including the Red Squirrel and the Highland Cows.

    By using a combination of techniques, and a range of natural fibres and materials, Louise produces paintings that are very tactile, soft and have depth of colour.


    Louise enjoys sharing her love of felt art through various 1 & 2 day workshops run in her Glenshee Studio and also online.  Workshops can be run either 1:1 or for a small group of up to 6 and cater for complete beginners as well as those with a little more experience.  Louise encourages anyone to have a go, no previous creative experience is required to enjoy the process and create your own felted artwork.   Currently all workshops are delivered live online teaching you how to create a painting in a day.


    Workshop information can be found here.

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    Bridge of Cally, Perthshire  

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    The Ceilidh Room Louise Nowell portrait
    The Ceilidh Room Louise Nowell portrait
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