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Campaign to support burnt-out mums & avert crisis in creativity

Award-winning Big Juicy Creative podcast is running a special series of podcasts to help restore dangerously lacking mum-mojo

Working mums are the group most likely to have scooped up the slack on top of their jobs in the pandemic, often covering homeschooling, extra emotional labour and domestic chores. So they’re more likely to burn out or feel creatively drained.

In a bid to reverse this damaging trend, Big Juicy Creative podcast host Suzy Bashford is running a ‘Springback’ series, featuring practical inspiration from a host of different experts on topics such as: How women can get the confidence to lead; putting everyday adventure back in life; why we need to say no to sorting socks; how to get back into a 'state to create' again; how to use creative skill, like drama and imagination, to fuel your energy; why keeping connected to ourselves and our creativity is key for a good life.

The ‘bitesize’ podcasts of around 20 minutes, are primarily aimed at boosting burnt-out mums, but also target anyone who has an interest in restoring creative mum-mojo, ie. bosses, colleagues, husbands, family members, friends.

Suzy feels strongly about this issue, having herself broken down after the birth of her first child, ending up hospitalised. “Hearing and seeing how exhausted, fed up and burnt out many mums are feeling because of Covid, particularly those expected to come up with ideas in their jobs, I wanted to do something that would genuinely help them get their mum-mojo back,” says Suzy.

“I know first-hand how a family can fall apart when the mum does and with so many of us, collectively, on the edge, I’m worried about the effect on society, at work and at home. Especially in the creative sector, where it’s so important women’s voices and stories are heard because they can, for example, help shape culture, provide more diversity and can challenge damaging stereotypes.”

The Big Juicy Spring series will be full of April ‘Shiners’ rather than ‘April Showers’, with an emphasis on taking action collectively. These ‘Shiners’ will lift listeners’ spirits throughout the month and into May, with their bitesize practical (and sometimes wild & amusing) inspiration on a wealth of mojo-boosting tips.

Suzy is planning 25 episodes over 2 months, releasing 2 or 3 times a week. You can find the series on all major podcast platforms including Apple Podcasts and Spotify, or via

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