African Pelicans
  • African Pelicans

    Caught in the act of preening these 3 African Pelicans captured Andrew’s imagination. Originally painted in acrylic in a softly abstract style, Andrew has made a limited run of 20 prints which are available for purchase. 


    • One of only 20 available prints 

    • Print comes double mounted ready for framing 

    • Overall dimensions are 39 cm x 36 cm

    • Sizes and Additional Information

      The print comes double mounted ready to be framed. Overall dimensions are 39 cm x 36 cm

      One of only 20 prints available

      The original painting was made using acrylic paint on canvas


      Price shown includes UK P&P

    • Artisan Process

      Andrew is not bound by a particular medium or a specific painting style, his ability to switch between techniques, subject matter and materials, sometimes within the one piece of work, gives his work a distinctive flair.  

      Andrew painted these comical African pelicans after observing them preening themselves. Struck by how elegant they looked in this delicate act of preening than at any other point in their movements, he was inspired to paint them.  


      Using acrylics he captured a softly abstract scene which he has gone on to reproduce as a limited edition print run of 20 prints.  

      Click here for Andrew's full profile.


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