Away We Go
  • Away We Go

    Annie is very much inspired by the landscape around her and she is moved to paint an impression or an expression of her emotional response to the land. This painting was created in her studio entirely from imagination using mixed media (oils and printed paper). She has used a section of sheet music from the melody ‘Away We Go’ (A Tune A Day for Banjo by C Paul Herfurth; Chappell/Boston 1964) in the fence and rocks in the river. 

    • One off item

    • Painted in mixed media (oils and printed paper)

    • Includes presentation frame

    • Sizes and Additional Information

      Image size: 20 cm x 25 cm
      Framed size: 22 cm x 27 cm

      Prints will be available from July 2021

      Price shown includes UK P&P

    • Artisan Process

      Annie has developed an eclectic style that is not held back by constraints of singularity. Her approach to painting is quite philosophical. Annie will try to tease out the emotion of the moment by subtle positioning of the subject matter or adding something that will hopefully create a similar response in the viewer.

      The art making process for Annie starts with the visual followed by thought then a quick sketch with notes. Sometimes a few photographs are taken as an aide memoir if the painting is to be completed in the studio. Often Annie will sketch or paint outdoors where she can feel and be part of the moment she is trying to capture.

      Although Annie is primarily a multi-media landscape painter, she also likes to experiment with abstraction. In her abstract work Annie will often apply mathematical structures to inform the process and outcome. Annie is currently making plans for a new abstract project centred around language and communication.

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