• Blackbird

    Blackbird wire sculpture on a natural stone. Created with wire netting this item is slightly larger than lifesize.

    • Suitable for display indoors or out
    • Coated with a zinc based spray to prevent rust
    • Sizes and Additional Information

      Height: 19 cm
      Width: 10 cm
      Length: 22 cm

      Measurements are not including the stone, which as a natural element to the sculpture may differ from the photo

      Suitable for display indoors or out

      Price shown includes UK P&P

      Orders placed between 4 - 11 July 2021 will be on a longer delivery time of 2 weeks to allow for holidays

    • Artisan Process

      Laura works mainly with wire but occasionally some wood or stone for a bit of contrast and a more natural feel. For most designs Laura sketches and study photos to get a feel for her subject and a better understanding of form. Laura mainly uses galvanised netting, brass wire and enamelled copper, and whenever she has the opportunity, she also works with used scrap and offcuts of fencing.

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