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Circles - Scottish Agate Necklace
  • Circles - Scottish Agate Necklace

    Unusual polished agate from Ayrshire with circles pattern. A unique recycled copper electroformed bail has been created around the stone.

    • Pendant hangs on an 18" antiqued copper chain
    • One off item
    • Exclusive to Perthshire Artisans
    • Sizes and Additional Information

      Pendant hangs on an 18" antiqued copper chain

      The copper has been coated with multiple layers of wax to seal the surface and prevent skin discolouration

      Price shown includes UK P&P

    • Artisan Process

      Izzy is an avid up-cycler and aims to make all of her work as focussed on recycled and sustainable materials as possible.

      'One of the reasons I work with Scottish stones is that I know their provenance, that they haven't been collected using destructive methods and used exploited workers to finish them. It fits then that I use recycled materials to showcase them when possible. The copper I use has been harvested from plumbing discards, so old pipes and fittings that are no longer usable for their intended purpose. I clean these with wire wool and jewellery pickle to bring back the shine before using in my electroforming system.'

      Click here for Izzy's full profile.


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