Cloth Pot and Notelets
  • Cloth Pot and Notelets

    Anna’s, ‘Wet Nosies Wild Posies’ Collection features products inspired by the wild animals and flowers of Scotland. Choose this versatile cloth pot in either the ‘Bracken’ or ‘Heather’ designs, and receive a set of 6 notelets featuring two complimentary designs from the collection. 

    • Choose a cloth pot in either the ‘Bracken’ or ‘Heather’ design
    • The two design combinations for the accompanying notelets are; Bracken and Roe/Wildcat and Daisy or, Heather and Hare/Fox and Buttercup
    • Sizes and Additional Information - Cloth Pots

      The cloth pots are a popular and versatile gift for the home.  They can be used as plant pot bags, craft bins, storing toiletries, and even as a server for bread rolls

      Choose from 2 design options, ‘Bracken’ (pastel green) or ‘Heather’ (light indigo)

      Made in Scotland from 100% natural cotton - and lined with a natural calico  

      Wash at 30°

      25cm (adjustable height) and 16cm diameter


      Price shown includes UK P&P

    • Additional Information - Notelets

      Each set has 6 textured notecards of two designs and 6 envelopes

      Notelets are blank for you to write your own message and come with brown envelopes

      Notelets are A6 (10.5 5 cm x14.8 cm)

      Made from premium heavy textured card, printed in Scotland


      Price shown includes UK P&P

    • Artisan Process

      Anna’s bold and quirky prints are made using traditional lino block printing techniques which she then adapts with digital design methods to create her striking designs. 

      This collection, ‘Wet Nosies Wild Posies’, features repeat patterns inspired by the wild animals and flowers native to Scotland. Anna has crafted bold and recognisable silhouettes from Bracken and Heather plants, and created four quirky characters from Scotland’s wildlife; The Hare, the Roe Deer, the Wildcat, and the Fox.   

      As always in Anna’s work, her bold and clean lines are paired with a muted colour palette which softens the overall aesthetic to something ideal for gifts and homewares.  

      Click here for Anna's full profile.


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