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Highland Coo
  • Highland Coo

    A favorite and popular sight around Perthshire, the famous Highland coo. Hand painted and fused ready to grace your window or Christmas tree.


    Available boxed or on a card.

    • Additional Information and Sizes

      8cm x 6cm (sizes are approximate as each piece is hand made)

    • Artisan Process

      Mairi Urquhart works with glass because she loves creating something unique and surprising. Her favourite part of the process involves seeing the finished piece for the first time, either when opening the kiln for a piece of fused glass, or when holding a piece of finished stained glass up to the light. The excitement of not quite being able to predict the exact finish and the play of colours that are revealed is a thrilling combination.Making beautiful pieces for other people and the joy for both Mairi and her clients on presentation of the finished piece is a hugely rewarding and important part of Mairi’s work.

      Mairi works on both stained glass and fused glass projects creating a variety of unique pieces of all shapes and sizes including homewares, gifts, and jewellery. All her work is hand crafted in a cosy studio shop in the village of Comrie in Perthshire. 


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