Highland Series: Telephone Pole Reduction Linoprint

Highland Series: Telephone Pole Reduction Linoprint

Leading up to the Highlands: narrow country roads accompanied by telephone poles, furrowed fields and rows of trees. 


  • Part of Cornelia Weinmann's 'Highland' series

  • Limited Edition

  • Sizes and Additional Information

    Original hand-pulled reduction linoprint, limited edition

    Print size: 21 cm x 30 cm


    White paper


    Comes with a double mount


    Price shown includes UK P&P

  • Artisan Process

    Cornelia Weinmann draws an image and cuts it into a linoleum plate. The plate is inked up with printing ink and a sheet of paper is placed on top. Lino plate and paper are then run by hand through a small printing press to create the print.

    A multicoloured reduction linoprint is produced on a single lino plate. The first colour is printed, then lino is cut away, the second colour printed on top of the first colour. More colour printing and more cutting follows and when the print is finished, the linoplate is practically destroyed. Reprints are not possible.

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