Irregular Intersect Hoops

Irregular Intersect Hoops

Hoop earrings with a geometric criss-cross pattern. Each pair is handmade in sterling silver with it's own unique geometry.


  • Made from Sterling Silver

  • Made by hand, each pair of earrings is unique

  • Sizes and Additional Information

    Each hoop is 2 cm across


    Each pair is made up of 2 similar but not identical earrings


    Due to the handmaking process, each piece is unique


    Price shown includes UK P&P

  • Artisan Process

    Kate creates beautifully simple, contemporary jewellery with a minimal aesthetic.  

    Inspired by her previous career in architecture, Kate’s collection features strong, clean lines and the creation of interesting spaces within her jewellery.  

    Made by hand in her home studio every item is unique. Kate uses cutting edge 3D printing techniques to experiment with new designs. Once settled on the form Kate cuts, files, solders, pickles, polishes and buffs by hand before then assembling into the final piece.  

    ​​​​​​​Click here for Kate's full profile.


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