Medium Seasons Optic
  • Medium Seasons Optic

    Made from a 5 Sq inch piece of clear glass with approx 110 cut glass stringers and 13 small glass squares on top which creates the optics. The weight of the thicker topper glass causes the stringers to bend the random stripes which reflect the colours of the seasons.

    • Made from beautiful hand rolled Bullseye Glass
    • Available in 4 colour pathways: Spring( Pinks), Summer (Multi), Autumn (Ambers), and Winter (Blues).
    • Sizes and Additional Information

      Height 5 cm
      Width 12 cm
      Length 12 cm

      Price shown includes UK P&P

    • Artisan Process

      Jane is a glass artist who creates hand crafted kiln formed glass artworks from her studio near Crieff, producing a range of pieces which can be functional or purely decorative

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