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Southern Birds
  • Southern Birds

    Southern Birds is a pentaptych, comprising of four panels each featuring a bird, and the fifth as a title panel. It was made for a mosaic exhibition, on the theme of “Constellations”, held in 2022 in Chester Cathedral.

    Inspired by Johann Bayer's illustration of the Southern Birds constellation in his Uranometria, a star atlas, published in 1603. The constellation comprises of four bird panels: Tucana (toucan), Grus (crane), Phoenix and Pavo (peacock). The fifth title panel, alongside the whole presentation of the mosaics, references the John Clayton mosaics in Chester Cathedral.

    • Exclusive to Perthshire Artisans, this is a one off item

    Please note that if you order this product it will be posted after 29th May.

    • Sizes and Additional Information

      Height - 100 cm
      Width - 70 cm
      Depth - 20 cm

      Materials include reclaimed ceramics, including 1970's Midwinter Caprice and J&G Meakin's Impact cups and saucers, vintage vegetable dishes, Turkish pottery, a teapot, lustre ware, salvaged blue tiles with gold glass tiles and Winckelmans tiles, on a Wedi board substrate.
      Handmade MDF frame

      Price shown includes UK P&P

    • Artisan Process

      Working with views over the river Earn and hills beyond, Katy is frequently inspired by this landscape, which is reflected in her mosaics. Flowers in abundance feature in much of her works.

      Recycled materials inspire and stimulate many of her ideas, including broken china, where she knows the provenance of each tile, creating a traditional patchwork concept.

      Click here for Katy's full profile.


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