Stardust 1
  • Stardust 1

    For many years Gillian has been experimenting with ways to emulate the sun glinting off frost, raindrops and anything else that catches and throws back the sunlight. Then she found Diamond Dust - a seriously exciting eureka moment. When you look at the image on the wall the Diamond Dust isn't really obvious until the light catches it and brings the picture alive.


    • Each one is unique as the Diamond Dust is hand applied and never goes on the same way twice

    • Framed

    • Limited Edition - 1 of 50

    • Sizes and Additional Information

      Height 42.5 cm
      Width 3 cm
      Length 52.5 cm

      This particular work is framed in white with a lightly textured off white mount

      During transit, or when being handled bits of Diamond Dust may 'migrate'. This is not considered a fault but part of the evolution of the image bringing new glints.

      Price shown includes UK P&P

    • Artisan Process

      Gillian is a Photographic Artist specialising in Macro Photography of flowers, bumblebees and other flora that adapts well to Macro work. Interestingly not all flowers are photogenic. Some look as though they will photograph well and don't and yet a small 'ordinary' looking flower can look stunning when shot. Once Gillian has taken an image she then works on it in Photoshop - sometimes drawing, or painting on it digitally and other times doing very little.

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