Whisky Set with Serving Tray
  • Whisky Set with Serving Tray

    Handmade wheelthrown Whisky set inlcuding two tumblers, water jug and serving tray

    • The pots are white with a black base and a greenish mountain profile
    • Each pot is handmade so each is individual and may differ slightly from the photographs 
    • Sizes and Additional Information


      Approximate sizes:
      Tumblers - 6.5 cm diameter x 7 cm tall
      Jug - 7 cm diameter x 8 cm tall
      Tray - 20 cm diameter x 2.5 cm tall

      Price shown includes UK P&P

      Usually in stock, if not in stock, can usually be fulfilled within 3 weeks

    • Artisan Process

      The pots are thrown on the potters wheel in white stoneware clay and trimmed smooth the base and add a small bevel to the edge

      Each pot is fired twice in the kiln, the second time after the coloured design and white glaze are added

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