Winter Visitors

Winter Visitors

After a heavy snowfall, Andrew observed a flock of migrating birds that came to visit. He felt inspired to paint this temporary influx of life in an otherwise still scene.  


  • One of only 30 available prints 

  • The picture comes double mounted ready for framing 

  • Overall dimensions are 39 cm x 39 cm 

  • Sizes and Additional Information

    The print comes double mounted ready to be framed. Overall dimensions are 39 cm x 39 cm

    One of only 30 prints available  

    The original painting was made using acrylic paint on canvas


    Price shown includes UK P&P

  • Artisan Process

    Andrew is not bound by a particular medium or a specific painting style, his ability to switch between techniques, subject matter and materials, sometimes within the one piece of work, gives his work a distinctive flair.  

    In this painting, Andrew was inspired to capture the movement and life brought by a small group of migratory birds to an otherwise still landscape on a Winters day. Using acrylic on canvas in a semi-abstract style Andrew shows the energised flock of birds against a scene covered in a blanket of snow.  

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