Yarn Bowl
  • Yarn Bowl

    These delicate, handmade ceramic yarn bowls are the perfect gift for those who knit or crochet  


    • Keeps yarn from tangling as you knit or crochet

    • Available in 2 designs: Bees and Sheep

    • Hand-carved and painted, no two bowls are exactly the same

    • Sizes and Additional Information

      7 cm high x 16.6 cm diameter

      Wash yarn bowls gently by hand with soapy water, this item is not suitable for the dishwasher


      Price shown includes UK P&P

    • Artisans Process

      How to use: Place a bundle of yarn in the bowl and let the curved opening feed the yarn keeping it tangle-free as you work.

      Nicola’s minimalist range of ceramic yarn bowls are made in a traditional ceramics process called slip casting. She produces her own plaster moulds from plaster originals and pours liquid earthenware clay into the moulds. The clay sets in the mould and is then hand-carved once released.

      The bowls are fired in a kiln before being handpainted and covered in a clear glaze. The bowls are then fired for a second and final time.

      As each piece is hand-carved and painted, no two pieces are ever exactly the same.

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