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Perthshire Artisans & the REDS Gift Card

Sometimes the best gift is the gift of choice!  


Buying a gift and unsure what to choose? Maybe you are buying for someone who would enjoy browsing the collection and making their own choice.  A REDS gift card can be purchased and redeemed here on Perthshire Artisans and works like any other prepaid gift card.

Perthshire Artisans is a member of REDS, a charity and membership entity championing Scotland's small and rural businesses. The REDS Card is a gift card that can be spent with businesses participating in REDS including Perthshire Artisans. 

You can buy a REDS card from


Using your REDS gift card

REDS Card.png

A REDS card works in the same way as a prepaid debit card.  When using a REDS card to make payment and the purchase is the same or less than the value of the card, please follow these steps at the Perthshire Artisans PayPal checkout:

  • Select 'Mastercard' as your payment type

  • Enter the 16 digit card number

  • Use your own name for the 'Name on card' section

  • Enter the 'valid until' date as shown on the card

  • The CVV is the 3 digit number above the QR code

  • Use your own name and address for billing details

  • Complete checkout

If the purchase value is greater than the REDS gift card, please email and we can arrange for you to make a combined payment using both a REDS card & a different payment card.


REDS is a membership organisation supporting Scotland's rural and island businesses. Owners of small rural businesses and the self-employed from every corner of Scotland join REDS to access business support, connection and learning opportunities that are designed specifically for the needs of the rural business community. The REDS Gift Card can be spent across hundreds of independent rural businesses in Scotland participating in REDS just like Perthshire Artisans. You can find out more about REDS by visiting their website

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