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Roberta Pederzoli

Roberta is an award winning jewellery designer working predominantly with silver using the ancient wax carving and casting techniques. Being born and raised in Italy, Roberta creates inimitable pieces uniting inspiration from the Scottish landscape with exquisite Italian style.

Roberta’s jewellery making skills were honed in Florence, London and Glasgow, her creative practice, Quinta Essenza, is now based at The Creative Exchange in central Perth. Her aim with every piece she creates is to bring out the special essence within …


The texture and tactile form of Roberta’s jewellery recreates an enchanted fairy-tale elegance. Roberta is inspired by the detailed beauty of the stones, cracks, wood, leaves and lichens, spotted on her woodland walks, and are depicted in the natural and organic shapes of her designs.

A recent addition to Roberta’s work is her contemporary and individual take on creating a piece of jewellery inspired by the traditional ‘medal’.  Roberta is keen to explore this concept in more detail after securing the bronze award in the Goldsmith’s Craft & Design Council 2021 Competition with her ‘Look After the Land’ design, based on the theme of land erosion.



The form of Roberta’s pieces is created using traditional wax carving and casting techniques. However, this isn’t to ensure every piece is the same, in contrast Roberta chooses individuality over perfection, preferring each design to develop its own character. I like my jewellery to spring into life, showing vulnerability and transformation. I love when it oxidises and colours fade and change, showing the mutation of time. The only thing we can be sure of is that nothing stays the same. We are surrounded by constant change, evolution and transmutation. Nevertheless I see real beauty in this. The beauty of imperfection, the beauty of authenticity...

Roberta likes to create contrast in her work by brushing her designs with different colours such as black, white and gold.  This also means each piece has a unique combination of rough and smooth surfaces as well as some polished and unpolished finishes, all adding to the textural quality of her work.


Roberta runs various workshops from the Creative Exchange in Perth. From beginners classes to one-off sessions to explore a specific technique, you can find details of upcoming workshops here.


The Creative Exchange, Perth

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