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Stewart Graham

Stewart is a landscape painter, working in acrylic, oils and more recently the exciting world of digital illustration.  His work is an invigorating modern interpretation of the traditional landscape with a hint of the magical.


Having worked many years in the Computer Gaming Industry, Stewart was well equipped to turn his skills towards creating original digital art, inspired by the natural world he enjoys on a daily basis from his Alyth based practice Sunnybank Art.


Stewart’s digital landscape art has an impressionistic feel with a fairly bright and colourful palette. With a preference for painting busy, textural and structural scenes he is drawn to creating variation in his artwork in light and colour through the many natural features including foliage, trees, rocks and water. Early Autumn is his particular magical time, where the trees mingle with the light to show all their colour and variety.


Recreating nature through his own style of digital art, most of his work is based around the way sunlight plays with the many trees and forests found throughout Perthshire. In contrast the bare rocks and stark landscapes of the Cairngorms provide an alternative natural environment to depict.  More recently and conversely, built up areas have been a new visual landscape which Stewart is beginning to explore.


Based in Eastern Perthshire and surrounded by striking scenery, Stewart is always capturing new ideas for a painting whenever he is out for a walk, run or cycle.


With his Computer Gaming background he is used to using a screen as a canvas. Working on a large graphics tablet, the process is much like traditional painting. The advantages include an almost infinite range or colour and a huge variety of brushes and textures available at the touch of a button. The undo button is a handy feature too! 


Digital Art encourages experimentation with new styles, processes and skills. This results in a collection of unique digital artworks which are available in the form of standard and giclee prints, but also from which Stewart can recreate using traditional oil painting techniques.


Alyth, Perthshire

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