Suzie Eggins

Suzie is an Edinburgh-born visual artist who works across different mediums, currently creating prints and jewellery inspired by an original body of work connected to the environment.


Suzie rediscovered her creative voice as a mature student at the University of Highlands & Islands, where she completed a BA (Hons) in Fine Art in 2018. She was selected for the RSA New Contemporaries 2019. Suzie continues to explore and develop her creative practice from her home studio in Perth.



The natural world and the detail she observes in her environment are central to Suzie’s work. Her relationship with nature fuels her heightened sense of how we fit into a larger network of Nature. She finds an enduring delight in the knowledge and mystery of the living world, providing an essential source of truth, hope and inspiration for Suzie which she expresses through her work.


Suzie’s inspirations begin by looking at nature closely, often at a micro level. Combining observation with imagination results in a distinct and delicate interpretation featuring the geometric and the abstract. In addition to the natural world, Suzie’s strong design aesthetic is also inspired by modernist art and her previous studies in contemporary textile design.



Drawing is the foundation of Suzie's practice, which she creates daily as a form of meditation. Her drawing practice moves into printmaking, painting, collage and laser cutting/engraving.  Making laser-cut jewellery is an extension of Suzie's art making; creating smaller scale wearable items inspired by an original body of artwork. 


Both her visual art and jewellery combine analogue and digital processes. Her hand drawings and mixed media paintings are translated into digital prints and the jewellery designs come from elements of her drawing which are digitised before being cut and etched with a CO₂ laser cutter-engraver. Each piece is then individually sanded, coloured and finished by hand. As part of environmental care, Suzie chooses organic paint and FSC certified wood. Her materials are sourced from within the UK to support local businesses and minimise her carbon footprint and her home studio is powered with 100% renewable energy.


Suzie is a founding member of Circus Artspace, the first artist-run gallery space in the Highlands. She has exhibited in the Royal Scottish Academy and Embassy Gallery in Edinburgh, and throughout the Highlands and Islands. Her ‘Shapes of Water’ commission created in response to Scotland’s Year of Coasts & Waters in 2020, can be seen in the Travelling Gallery across Scotland from August 2021. 


City of Perth

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