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Claire Williamson in her painting studio

Claire Williamson

Claire is an artist who paints land and seascapes and also loves painting wildlife with birds being a particular muse. Through her work Claire strives to capture the atmosphere, spirit and energy of what she sees and uses a variety of mixed media which she feels best captures the essence of the moment she’s choosing to paint.

Having trained at Edinburgh Art College and Leith School of Art, where Claire won a residency at Dumfries House in Ayrshire, Claire went on to win a bursary place at the John Busby Seabird Drawing Course which led to an exhibition in the Mall galleries, London.  Working from her home studio in Pitlochry, Highland Perthshire’s scenery and wildlife inspires much of her current work.



Claire’s painting style is full of energy, movement and depth through her use of colour as she sees it, and reflecting her intuition and spontaneity felt in the moment she begins to capture her image.  Through her visual style, Claire hopes to transport you into the same space she has enjoyed and embraced, bringing both the sense of place and sensation to life. 

Claire Williamson studying the Scottish landscape
Claire Williamson in her studio

Claire paints on boards, card and paper and uses a variety of mixed media including oils, acrylics and watercolour, preferring to choose the medium which she feels will best represent the subject. 


Claire’s working process can sometimes begin with a number of sketches and a rough idea of composition. However more often than not she will visit the the same place numerous times until she feels part of the landscape itself, and then when it feels right she’ll bring out the brushes and eagerly get started, instinctively translating her own feelings and emotions onto the surface. 


Occasionally the landscape Claire is painting can become part of the art itself, by adding a bit of sand, grit or collage into the process. For Claire, being involved in the entire process of her finished artwork is all part of her practice. From cutting and sanding the wooden panels to mixing her own primer and gesso helping to create a unique quality surface to work on, Claire enjoys and takes pride in preparing and making her own materials.

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Claire Williamson painting
Claire Williamson

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