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Become a Perthshire Artisan

If you are a creative living and/or working in Perth & Kinross, running either a part or full time creative business, and are keen to learn more about becoming a Perthshire Artisan, all the information is on this page. If you have any questions, please be in touch via

We are open to all forms of creativity and committed to showcasing the diverse range of disciplines and practices of the artisan community here in Perthshire. 

Perthshire Artisans is a curated platform & all applications are assessed and selected by a professional panel to ensure the highest quality products.

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Before Making an Application

Please read the Guidelines and Summary Terms & Conditions to fully understand what membership is about. 

Benefits of becoming a Perthshire Artisan

Join the community

Join a fantastic community of talented creatives here in Perthshire. Connect with other artisans, share ideas and skills, and collaborate to push each other further. 

Business support

Benefit from a range of enterprise support services all intended to help you as a skilled artisan to develop a sustainable income from your talents. Run on a ‘not for private gain’ basis, the platform’s aims are to support creative businesses throughout the region.

Reach a new audience

Connect with new customers all over the world as we promote your talents and products across our channels.

Membership Value

Choose the membership option to best suit you and access a number of benefits through being a Perthshire Artisan, including marketing, social media support and e-commerce.

Perthshire Artisans is much more than a selling platform.  It is a community of artists. Perthshire Artisans facilitates a peer support network amongst its members, keeps us up to date with opportunities beyond its own activities and provides one-to-one support where required.

Katy Galbraith

A very supportive network of creatives. An online group where you can find information as well as ask any questions you need help with. I have had help with my webpage, found really good printers and framers from Perthshire Artisans. We are notified early of any events to apply for that we may be interested in. Feedback from those who have done certain events already and how they have gone for them is also really handy. There are also monthly zoom meets where you can get advice, tips and meet with like minded people.

Lynsey Isles

I have been a member of Perthshire Artisans for over a year now and this is the best membership organisation I have ever encountered. They truly understand our needs and are a really helpful group of people, who I must commend on their effective communication skills and finding us additional promotional opportunities. Thank you to the PA team, you are the best.

Daniel van Vuuren

I feel supported & connected to a network of other creatives, it's hugely important to have an outlet to be able to share ideas, thoughts and business proposals. To learn a little more about how other creatives run their businesses.  Being a self employed creative can be a lonely place, but having Perthshire Artisans there, means I can reach out should I need to, air views, gather opinions or even for a bit of support when tackling a problem and need to make a decision. A few like minded minds are better than one! 

Diana Law

I have found so many benefits to being a Perthshire Artisan ranging from being part of an artistic community to training events and direct selling opportunities.

Personally, I’ve grown in confidence as I’ve met and chatted with so many different Artisans who are always so open and friendly offering their advice and support through our shared experiences.

Sheila Roberts