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Creative Workshops 

Enjoy learning a new creative skill with guidance from a Perthshire Artisan. 


Katy Galbraith Indoor Mosaics Weekend

19th and 20th October 2024

Comrie Art Hut, Comrie Croft, Braincroft, Crieff, PH7 4JZ

9.30 a.m. - 4.00 p.m. both days

Cost £200 for two days

Join Katy Galbraith of Recycle Me Mosaics in a two-day course learning the basics of making a mosaic picture or mirror in discarded ceramics. 

This workshop is ideal for beginners, improvers and curious crafters and offers a fun-filled weekend with step-by-step guidance in a small group.


Photographic Skills Mentoring Workshop

So, you have a great camera or smartphone but are you capturing the images that you really aspire to create? Our mentoring workshops focus on the creative side of photography and help you understand your personal creative inspirations then give you the confidence and skills in using your camera without getting bogged down in all the technical stuff that can be a barrier to being truly creative.

Working from our rural studio near Pitlochry sessions are available for individuals and small groups using digital, mobile or analog film cameras.

Our studio features a traditional darkroom as working with analog processes offers a unique way to explore creative image creation from capture to alternative printing including the Wet Plate Collodion / Tintype and Cyanotypes.

We also offer online session for remote tuition and as an addition to in person workshops to fully maximise your personal learning.


1/2 Day - £125
Full Day - £225
Online £35/hr
Please click below for a special price for multiple sessions (2hr minimum in Person)


Alternative Printing Workshop

Your opportunity to work with vintage processes to create handmade images on art paper, working at a pace that allows a deeper connection with every photo.


Working with both digital and analogue camera formats you will produce handmade prints without the distractions of today’s forever-changing technology.


Bookings will be available as soon as the world becomes a safer place, however, online demonstrations at a day and time to suit you are available for the inquisitive or even as a possible taster of future in person workshops.


2hr online taster demo session: £60


The Wet Plate Collodion Skills Workshop

A truly inspiring experience where you'll learn how to create you own original vintage photographic plate, an image made with a layer of silver exposed onto a medium such as glass or aluminium.


The alchemy involved is poured onto the medium and then only works whilst it’s still wet, hence the term ‘wet plate’.


For now, the full workshop is not available, as it is an in-person experience, but an online ‘taster’ session is available (bookings made for an in-person session can be finalised once restrictions allow).


2hr online taster demo session: £60

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