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Floral Series No.2 Mantis Dance
  • Floral Series No.2 Mantis Dance

    Lino cut print inspired by the species of Praying Mantis. Saira says 'They often look like orchids so I thought I'd combine the two'


    • Available in 3 different colour pathways
    • Unframed
    • Sizes and Additional Information

      150 mm (Width)
      210 mm (Length)

    • Artisan Process

      Saira is an artist, illustrator and print-maker. Saira’s process in creating her illustrations and ultimately lino prints begins with observations and conversations. Saira’s interpretations of these are developed into sketches before transferring the design and carving into lino.

      Saira’s work often culminates in a series of images, enabling a constant flow of ideas, free of restrictions. Whilst often creating a series of around 7 or 8 images per subject, each piece also stands alone, can be grouped in small numbers or enjoyed as the full series.


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