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Woody & Hamish Portrait

Hamish & Alastair Wood

Brothers Hamish and Alastair (aka Woody) are self-taught joiners, furniture makers and wood craftsmen. Handpicking the best local timber, they strive to make every piece as individual and one-of-a-kind as they can, bringing out the best in the wood and creating functional and decorative pieces.


Woody honed his craft working in both Perthshire and Islay. A few years later he was joined by Hamish and together in 2018 they set up Wild Wood Bros.  Working from their workshop at Cultybraggan Camp near Comrie, they work together fulfilling large scale commissions and crafting furniture, smaller decorative items and kitchenware.



Using trees native to Perthshire, each selected piece naturally tells its own story depending on its species, grade, shape and size.  Hamish and Woody skilfully interpret the personality of each piece depending on the final use.

The style of their work is both inspired by their love of the natural world and a sense of fun as they like to add a playful or unusual twist to their smaller creative pieces. Sometimes resin is added to complement the wood creating a contemporary yet rustic style. Additions to the resin enable unusual colour combinations including neon, pearlescent and glow in the dark, and sometimes more unexpected items are added, lego often sneaks its way into these pieces, adding a fun element!


Their wood is mainly sourced from responsibly managed woodlands near Comrie, and working closely with a local Forestry Manager on a nearby estate, the first step of the process is to visit the woods to choose suitable trees and collect scattered wood pieces to work with. 

Once a tree is felled, it’s milled using a mobile saw mill, helping to utilise the grain to the best combination of aesthetics and strength.  Next each planked tree is dried in their hand built kiln, a process which is closely monitored to ensure the highest quality finish. Only when dried to their satisfaction is the wood ready to use.  Offcuts and smaller pieces are all used to create the smaller decorative items, helping reduce waste in the workshop.

Hamish & Woody welcome commissions for bespoke furniture, fitted storage, gifts and even tree houses, they are also happy to work with a piece of your own wood to make something truly unique. 

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Unit 15, Cultybraggan Camp, Comrie, PH6 2AB

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