Anna Malyon

Anna is an artist and printmaker creating bold, quirky homewares and textile gifts under her brand, Coppertop Croft.  


Working from her home-based studio in Crieff, Perthshire, Anna combines traditional lino block printmaking techniques with digital design methods to create beautifully organic and striking designs. 


Anna’s illustrated products include Kitchenware, Tableware, Textiles and Paper Products which can bring an instant hit of colour and unique style to any home.  


Anna’s style is inspired by her time living in Sweden where she became mildly obsessed with the bold and interesting prints of mid-century Scandinavian textiles. Her work is her interpretation of that era applied to Scotland’s flora, fauna and natural scenes that she is surrounded by in Perthshire.   


She loves the bold graphics that come from block printing and aims to hold onto these strong lines and solid shapes as she edits her designs digitally. 


All of her ideas begin as rough sketches drawn with a chunky graphite stick before she progresses to sketch directly onto a piece of lino. Usually, Anna is quick to pick up her carving tools and her ideas develop as she commits to the design by carving. Initially she carves the lines of her original sketch and then adds further detail by carving freehand. 

After inking up her linocut, Anna uses her beloved old book press to take a print before scanning the design into her computer.  Combining the digital techniques with the traditional printing process enables Anna to pull out different elements of her design. She then creates repeat patterns and adds colour, always mindful to capture the raw lines of her original lino cut design.

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