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Annie McLean

Annie is an artist who has developed an eclectic style of working that is not held back by constraints of singularity.  Her creative practice is known as Ainetheon Arts.  Annie's studio has recently moved from Coupar Angus High Street to new premises in Kirriemuir.


With a philosophical approach to painting, Annie teases out the emotion of the moment she’s capturing on canvas using various approaches, such as the the subtle positioning of the subject matter or adding something that Annie hopes creates a similar response in the viewer. 


Annie is primarily a multi-media contemporary landscape painter, whose artworks are created from an emotional perspective. Often her inspiration comes from her surroundings and nearby landscapes she’s enjoyed throughout her life, whether it is the large skies of East Anglia, the rural idyll of the Oxfordshire countryside and more recently, the rugged mountains and rolling glens in Scotland, where Annie was born, and since returned to.


Additionally, Annie also enjoys experimenting with adding an abstract perspective to her work on occasion.


In these works Annie will often apply mathematical structures to inform the process and outcome and is currently making plans for a new abstract project centred around language and communication.



The art making process for Annie starts with the visual followed by thought then a quick sketch with notes. Sometimes a few photographs are taken as an aide memoir if the painting is to be completed in the studio.

Often Annie will sketch or paint outdoors where she can feel and be part of the moment she is trying to capture. Annie has a thirst for learning new methods and skills and strongly believes that every creative person needs to continually assess and develop their practice.  


Two years ago Annie started developing her printmaking skills and now produces wood engravings, wood cuts and linocuts whilst continuing to explore other printmaking processes.


From 3 March 2023 -  4-5 Cumberland Close, Kirriemuir, Angus, DD8 4EF

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