Claire Brownbridge

Claire is an artist and printmaker creating colourful and charismatic prints inspired by the countryside animals she encounters locally nearby in Drum, Perthshire.

Claire’s designs bring to life the personalities and cheeky characters of her animal subjects. Her prints are available as a selection of cards and homewares; coasters and tea towels, which all bring a welcome splash of joy and colour to the everyday.  


Claire is inspired by the animals she encounters when out walking in her local countryside. It is their quirky personalities and comedic ways in which they interact with both each other and her, as she tries to photograph them, that prompt her designs.


Her design style is influenced by artists and designers such as Gary Hume and Orla Kiely, bound together by their shared love of bold shapes and areas of strong colour. 


Colour is hugely important to Claire, and her choices are rooted in the very countryside and subject she is depicting. For example, the prominent rose-pink in her Goose collection is the exact shade found in the Pink-Footed Geese variety local to her in Perthshire.   



Claire works from photographs usually taken on her own adventures on foot exploring her local surroundings.  


Initial sketches from these photographs are refined into line drawings which she then scans into her computer. Once her drawing is digitised, Claire begins to design her print and likes to disconnect the lines of her drawing from the overall shape. By arranging these two elements separately from each other Claire is able to introduce a feeling of animation and life into her print. She also adds colour at this stage and plays with the overall arrangement to create something uniquely charismatic.  

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Drum, Perthshire

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