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Cornelia Weinmann

Cornelia is a textile designer and avid up-cycler creating colourful, contemporary slow fashion garments from her home studio in Kettins, Perthshire.


Cornelia used to be a painter and printmaker but actively made the switch from fine art to functional art when she became more aware of our throw-away culture, in particular the damaging effects of the fast fashion industry on our environment.   


Cornelia has fully embraced slow fashion and the circular economy, and is committed to creating high-quality garments that last a lifetime and give a new lease of life to second-hand textiles.   


Cornelia’s collection features base garments that are minimalist in style with muted colour tones and very simple silhouettes. She then adorns these garments with flamboyant flourishes packed with vibrant colour in her signature applique detailing. Her current collection includes jackets and tops, no two pieces are the same.  


Every item in Cornelia’s collection is entirely unique as the appliques are all one of a kind and led by the fabrics Cornelia can source. Cornelia is influenced by the fabric she finds and is motivated to make these textile scraps the hero of her range.  


Cornelia creates all of her garments from linen, first washing and pressing the fabric before cutting to her own patterns and constructing the base garment. She then uses second-hand materials to create bindings and facings which add to the vitality of each piece.  


Cornelia’s signature style lies in her colourful and energising applique details. She sifts through her assortment of second-hand fabrics finding pieces with pattern, texture and colour. She lays the pieces out, layering and arranging them until she is happy with the overall effect. These are then sewn together using very fine stitching techniques ensuring the fabrics withstand repeated washing and wear.  


If needed, Cornelia will add a final element of some hand or free-motion machine embroidery to the applique section, resulting in a carefully constructed and unique garment.

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Kettins, Perthshire

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