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Izzy Greton - Upcycler
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    Izzy Gretton

    Izzy is a designer and up-cycler with her own range of quirky woollen hats and natural jewellery all produced in her home studio in Aberfeldy, Perthshire.  

    Izzy repurposes fabrics to create her collection of hats which are stylish and unusual but also robust enough to cope with Scotland’s climate. Her jewellery collection features striking Scottish stones which she collects, polishes and sets into one of a kind pieces.  


    Izzy is a keen hillwalker and was inspired to start creating her own headwear when she couldn’t find a suitable hat that would keep her both warm and dry whilst appealing to her personal style.  


    Izzy’s headwear and jewellery all feature natural colour tones, akin to those found in the Scottish landscape where she enjoys spending so much of her time. Izzy’s creations are all incredibly tactile as a result of her unique approach to combining textures and colours. 


    A flatbed knitting machine gives Izzy the ability to create her woollen hat patterns with all of the hand knitting techniques that she loves, but at greater speed. The machine creates one long piece of knitted wool which Izzy then carefully sews together with a lining to make the basic hat. From here Izzy may add wool or bead embellishment to complete the garment.

    Izzy also has a range of felted hats which equally have the same weather-resistant properties as her woollen range, but the fabric’s natural rigidity allows her to create unusual silhouettes, unique to the hand made process.


    Izzy likes to use natural fibres as much as possible, particularly wool for its amazing ability to stay warm whilst wet. She lines her hats with luxurious fleece fabric making them extra soft against the skin. 

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    Izzy Gretton in artists studio
    Izzy Gretton at knitting machine
    Issy Gretton making jewellery
    Izzy Gretton colourful yarn

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