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Jon Bishop

Jon is the enormously talented illustrator behind the hand-drawn creations brand, The Grey Earl. Jon creates illustrations for picture books and also stand-alone illustrations available to purchase as digital prints.  


Jon’s work is hand-drawn and entirely imagined, he creates colourful, dreamlike scenes which appeals to the inner-child in all of us.


Jon’s work is of a contemporary, original style, as equally whimsical and imagined as it is detailed and natural. In every creation, Jon is able to create a sense of magic which is loved by children and adults alike.  


Jon’s considered use of colour across his work is key to his aesthetic. Although not shy to introduce colour, his work features a slightly muted palette bringing an imagined and hazy dream-like feeling to his creations.  


All of Jon’s illustrations begin life as rough sketches as he translates his imagined ideas onto paper. Carefully assessing the forms he is creating and breaking them down into their simplest shapes, then he slowly adds detail, until he has created a character full of expression and life. 


Once happy with the design, Jon then looks to his canvas. He builds large blocks of colour in his signature muted tones working with a range of traditional materials such as wax crayons, watercolours and pastels to build a colourful backdrop.

His characters are then brought to life through layers of fine line drawing, adding detail to create a scene and tell a story, each one hand-drawn and entirely imagined.  

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Comrie, Perthshire

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Jon Bishop The Grey Earl
Jon Bishop illustrator
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Jon Bishop in his studio

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