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Kate McLaughlin

Kate creates beautifully simple yet striking, contemporary jewellery with a minimal aesthetic. Kate’s collection features pieces that are equally wearable everyday or as a statement piece.  


Kate’s previous life as an architect is a major influence on her work. The presence of strong, clean lines and the careful consideration of each item’s form to create both interesting shapes and voids is immediately apparent in her collection. 


Kate practices under her own brand, Align Jewellery, and meticulously makes every piece by hand in her home-based studio.   


Kate’s collection of bold, contemporary jewellery is inspired by her first career in architecture. With a trained eye for the creation of interesting space and beautiful form, Kate’s distinctive style typically features strong, clean lines surrounding a central space or void within the piece.  


Simplicity is the essence of Kate’s jewellery, yet is stunningly impactful and equally wearable everyday or as a statement piece.


Kate first sketches her ideas before converting them into digital 3D models. She then 3D prints a prototype which allows her to physically experience the form of the jewellery. Once happy with the design, every piece in Kate’s collection is meticulously hand made using traditional silversmithing tools and techniques. 

Many of the items within Kate’s collection are constructed from multiple elements which she separately cuts, files, solders, pickles, polishes and buffs by hand before assembling into the final piece. Kate mainly works with Sterling Silver but occasionally works with other precious metals and materials. 

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