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Piggleliggle Ceramic Studio

Kerstin Robb

Kerstin is a ceramicist making functional and decorative pottery, spanning a broad spectrum of ceramic art.


First captivated by the medium of pottery after being introduced to clay during an art lesson at a school in the 1970’s, it quickly became her most favoured creative outlet.  Kerstin has developed her skills and work on a part time basis ever since. She is looking forward to spending more time creating, as retirement from her medical career in the NHS is imminent, and the calling of the clay can be her main focus. PiggleLiggle is the name of her Alyth based creative practice.


Kerstin’s work is influenced by instinct and emotion. The pattern and colour in her ceramics are inspired by the natural world – trees, plants, birds and other animals that inhabit the surrounding countryside in Eastern Perthshire, and whatever catches her eye on her travels, both at home and further afield. At the core of Kerstin’s designs is a desire to experiment with the clay to use colour and texture to create pieces that are tranquil, free-flowing and simplistic in their nature.  


As Kerstin enjoys exploring different techniques, she works with the clay in a variety of ways.  Some pieces are built using slabs of hand rolled clay, others are molded or slip cast, a technique the French call ‘Coulee en bartotine’ where liquid clay is poured into a handmade mold, created by Kerstin. 

Designs are either stamped or hand carved, and every piece is individually glazed or painted by hand, making them truly unique. Choosing to use either earthen or stoneware clay, Kerstin’s work has a very natural rustic finish with a sense of comfort and nostalgia. Ultimately each piece reflects the breath-taking beauty of the Strathmore Valley and the picturesque market town of Alyth where Kerstin in based.



Alyth, Perthshire

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Kerstin Robb Slipcast process
Kerstin Robb ceramic process
Piggleliggle Ceramic Studio hand made ceramics
Piggleliggle Ceramic Studio

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