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Libby Scott

Libby is a landscape artist based in North Highland Perthshire, her work captures both the drama of the remote Scottish Landscape and a glimpse of a moment in time, evoking a sense of mood of the land and place.

With a long creative background beginning in textiles, moving into ceramics and then developing onto painting and printmaking, Libby is continually fascinated by both the creative process and the alchemy of the paint materials themselves.  Working from her central Perth based studio, Libby creates original artworks in all sizes, handmade sketchbooks, unique one off prints and limited edition cards.


Drawing and Painting out in the wilds of the landscape is where Libby feels alive and inspired.  Directly connecting with her sense of involvement in the scenery and feeling in the moment with the energy, the environment and the drama of the atmosphere, is what Libby expresses through her art.  Together with the visual experience, it’s the full sensory experience which Libby intuitively relates in her work, conveying the symbiotic relationship between the wild spaces, the shape shifting skies and the rhythm and beat of the weather to the land. 


Libby is currently developing her own online art courses for mixed media painting and basic printmaking techniques, launching in 2022.


Equipped with her rucksack art kit, Libby begins on location, directly capturing a Highland Perthshire scene. She gathers source material through sketching, drawing, painting, photography whilst also noting the wind direction, her route and the surrounding environment.  On returning to her studio, Libby uses these sources as a launching point for her paintings and printmaking. Libby’s process makes for works that are spontaneous, full of energy, movement and light.


When painting, Libby works in water based mixed media - acrylic paints and mediums, soft pastels, pencils, pigments and inks. Working on a series of paintings focusing on a particular area, she often revisits several times continually capturing the experience and developing her language of mark making. 


When printmaking Libby uses two techniques, Collagraph which allows for textural quality prints, and Monotype, a painterly form of printmaking, by producing one unique print by applying ink onto a flat sheet of metal or plastic.  Both are very expressive and Libby’s prints are either presented as artworks or used as unique covers for her hand stitched, high quality paper sketch books. 

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Perth, Perthshire

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