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Lynn Shilp

Lynn Shilp

Lynn is a designer and maker of fused glass art. Combining a lifetimes’ keen interest and learning of traditional art and craft through a variety of mediums, including a long association with glass having explored leaded and copper foiling methods, Lynn’s technique of choice is handmade kiln fused glass. 

Creating colourful and contemporary pieces, many inspired by Scotland’s seasons and scenery, Lynn’s home studio is within an historic old flax and tweed mill in the hamlet of Keltneyburn in Highland Perthshire. Lynn set up Breagha Glass in 2014, Breagha being Scottish Gaelic for ‘Beautiful’.



Lynn’s interest in arts and crafts has been a constant throughout her career as a registered intensive care nurse, both in the NHS and across the world. Whilst nursing in Canada Lynn’s interest was in traditional pioneer patchwork and quilting and in Australia, Lynn first started to explore working with glass. Further travels across Europe culminated in returning to Scotland where Lynn committed to developing her creative interests and skills through studying at Telford College and Edinburgh School of Art. 

Lynn’s inspiration is a combination of influences collected during her working travels and experiences and what she regularly enjoys now back home in Scotland, and in particular Perthshire.

Lynn captures the spectrum of bold and vibrant colours seen out and about, whether it’s a riverside walk, native woodland flowers, hiking through the drovers hills and misty glens, each piece embraces the changing seasons and features bespoke characteristics. 




Ideas and designs are captured in a sketch and then progressed with measuring, cutting, layering and stacking the specialist glass Lynn chooses to use, which is imported from USA, to create her chosen design.  


The next stage is to place the collected glass into a computer controlled and electrically powered kiln, where it goes through a series of pre-determined rapid heat cycles and intervals, reaching temperatures of up to 850℃.  This allows the glass to fuse and bond until it becomes one piece of glass.  The final part of the process is a slow natural cooling process of up to 24 hours before the fused glass art is complete. 


Each unique piece of glass is a result of chemistry combined with creativity, flair and fun.  They are decorative, individual and special for everyday enjoyment and memorable celebration occasion. 


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Keltneyburn, near Aberfeldy

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Lynn Shilp
Lynn Shilp
Lynn Shilp
Lynn Shilp

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