Meet the Perthshire Artisans

We are committed to showcasing the diverse range of disciplines and practices of the artisan community here in Perthshire. Find out more about each of our Artisans, their source of inspiration and their unique practices by clicking their image.

Andrea Gardiner
Anna Malyon
Annie McLean
Charles Harris
Claire Brownbridge
Cornelia Weinmann
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Dave Hunt
Derek Allan
Diana Law
Gillian Hunt
Inez Jenkins
Izzy Gretton
Jane Drysdale
Jenny Charles
Jon Bishop
Karenina Johnson
Kate McLaughlin
Katy Galbraith
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Kerstin Robb
Libby Scott
Louise Nowell
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Mairi Urquhart
Nicola McCabe
Nigel Laye
Rachel Hendry
Shonagh Moore
Reuben Els
Sheila Roberts
Stewart Graham
Perthshire Artisan Suzanne Clements
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