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Pam Guthrie-Dawber

Pam Guthrie-Dawber

Pam is a textile artist working mainly with Harris Tweed®, creating unique statement clothing and accessories. Her choice of fabric and colour combinations skilfully capture the essence of the Scottish countryside in a contemporary, fun and quirky style. 

Pam’s varied working life includes working in hospitality and sales to running her own horse riding business on the south west coast of Turkey, and she draws on all of these experiences to express her adventurous side through the garments she creates. Pouring her heart into creating pieces that are original, stylish and beautifully made to stand the test of time, Pam works from her home studio in Blairgowrie, under the name RebelGD.


Pam loves the steadfast natural quality and characteristics of tweed,100% pure new wool tweed is warm in the winter, cool in the summer, water resistant and wears well with age. Pam’s wonderful creations are carefully considered to enhance the beauty of this timeless and stylish fabric. Over the years Pam has developed a number of her own designs featuring her unique twist, regularly adding new items to her core collection featuring capes, jackets, skirts, waistcoats, scarves, and dresses. 

Pam enjoys using colour and often pairs bright tweeds with a beautiful Liberty of London print fabric, the bolder the better!  The finished items are beautiful both inside and out and make fine contemporary classics.


Pam’s sewing career began at the age of 11 and was taught all she knows by her Mum. Continually developing her skillset over the years, it was 2018 when Pam made the decision to develop her hobby into a business. Pam has taught herself to draft her own designs into patterns using traditional methods, ensuring that her commissions are a perfect fit every time. 

Design ideas are noted as they pop into Pam’s head, often initially on her phone and later explored in full as she uses her tailors dummy, draping and arranging fabrics until the design reveals itself. 

Creating clothing for both adults and children, Pam ensures minimal waste in her practice, finding a use for every last scrap of fabric, crafting accessories such as pins, fascinators, hairbands and scrunchies. Pam also works on commissions for anyone wanting their very own bespoke tweed garment. 

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Pam Guthrie-Dawber
Pam Guthrie-Dawber
Pam Guthrie-Dawber
Pam Guthrie-Dawber

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