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Summer Nights Limited Edition Botanical Candle
  • Summer Nights Limited Edition Botanical Candle

    Revel in warm dreamy summer nights with the uplifting citrus and slightly spicy scent of our Summer Nights botanical candle, handmade from natural, vegan & eco-friendly ingredients.

    This beautifully sunny soy wax candle is 100% naturally fragranced with a blend of pure essential oils including Citronella, Bergamot, Clove and Lemon Eucalyptus (known for their insect repellant properties).

    ‘Summer in a tin’, this limited edition soy candle is perfect for your garden table, sun room, or for taking with you on your summer adventures.

    • Botanical decoration: Dried Calendula and Lady's Mantle

    • Limited Edition: Available June - September

    • Sizes and Additional Information

      Price shown includes UK P&P

      200 cl tin

      62 x 77mm

      Handmade in Small Batches in Perthshire, Scotland with:

      - 100% Natural & Sustainably Sourced Soy Wax
      - Natural & Pure Essential Oils
      - Natural Botanicals - Dried Calendula and Lady's Mantle
      - Cotton & Paper Wicks
      - Jar Labels Printed on Recycled Paper
      - No Paraffin Wax
      - No GMO Soy Wax
      - No Artificial Fragrance or Colourants
      - 100% Vegan, Cruelty-Free & Eco-Friendly Ingredients

    • Artisan Process

      Scent, aesthetic, and therapeutic effect are equally important in Rachel’s candle and wax melt making process. As a student of professional aromatherapy, the development of each of her products generally begins with the desire to help the users of her products achieve a specific mood and emotional benefit.

      Click here for Rachel's full profile

    • Soy Wax Candle Care

      Always keep your natural soy wax candle out of direct sunlight

      Before burning your natural soy wax candle for the first time, trim the wick to 5mm. Doing this helps your candle burn cleanly and evenly and helps prevent the wick from smoking or ‘mushrooming’ 

      The first time you use your soy wax candle, light it for at least 3 hours (but no more than 4 hours). You’re aiming to create a wide wax melt pool that reaches the full diameter of the tin

      Soy wax has a ‘memory’ and this will ensure that subsequent burns of your candle are even and that your candle doesn’t tunnel right down the middle, shortening the life of the candle significantly and impeding its ability to burn properly

      After the initial burn of your candle, subsequent burn times should be kept to no more than 3 hours

      Before each lighting of your soy wax candle, ensure the wick is trimmed to 5mm to prevent smoking, mushrooming of the wick, and overheating of the jar due to a larger flame

      If flower petals float in directly next to the wick and are interfering with the clean burning of your candle, briefly extinguish your candle and use a bamboo skewer or similar item to gently push the petals to the edge of the tin before relighting your candle

      Replace the lid on your natural soy wax candle after extinguishing the flame and between burns to keep debris (dust, hairs, etc) out of the wax. This will also help preserve the natural scent of your candle by preventing the essential oils from evaporating

      Discard your soy wax candle when the wick reaches 1/2” deep. 


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