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Suzanne Clements in painting studio

Suzanne Clements

Suzanne is a multi-media artist and fine art portraitist. Under the name Jessie Street Art, she works primarily in oils, watercolour and more recently on glass. Her work is exciting, experimental and inspiring.

Whether painting portraits to commission or interpreting the natural world from new perspectives, Suzanne’s enquiring approach to her practice ensures her work is both innovative and distinctive.



Since relocating from Orkney Suzanne divides her time between rural Perthshire and the Moray coast. Her artistic practice has been strongly influenced by her life near the sea, her love of wild swimming, beach-combing and messing about in boats. 


She is inspired by how the sea transforms everyday objects, physically and chemically, into new forms never seen before.  This natural process of transformation encourages her to go beyond the constraints of traditional realism in her work, and to adopt an experimental approach towards her subject, whether it’s the human form, the natural world or architecture. 


Suzanne works with traditional materials like oils, watercolour, ink and glass. What makes her practice experimental is her interest in exploring the use of tools and technology not usually combined with traditional methods. This approach was further honed during lockdowns when live sittings for portraits were impossible and necessity proved to be the mother of invention.

Pushing both the boundaries of process and aesthetic often results in the unexpected and new discoveries, experimentation and ingenuity play a key role in this artist’s work. Recently she has begun working on glass, creating images designed for daylight to pass through or intertwining images sourced from her own photography in different mediums. As far as possible Suzanne works using environmentally friendly materials. 

Suzanne welcomes enquiries for portrait commissions.

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Suzanne Clements working at an easel
Suzanne Clements glass art in progress
Suzanne Clements paints
Suzanne Clements glass artist

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