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Shonagh Moore works with many different materials to create beautiful Scottish jewellery

Shonagh Moore

Shonagh is a jewellery artist creating wire wrapped gemstone jewellery pieces, window and wall hangings for the home, and also cards. Her work includes both everyday and statement pieces, featuring natural stones and wire work, designed to lift your spirits, every item individual in nature. 


Having worked in the creative sector as a Graphic Designer, since graduating from Wolverhampton in 1983, Shonagh has simultaneously been exploring and developing her skills in pursuit of additional creative expression.  Moving to Perthshire in 2015, her maternal birthplace and a place to where she was always drawn, Shonagh continued developing her jewellery work from her studio in Stanley. 



The jewellery Shonagh creates is inspired by nature, from the gemstones hidden deep below the surface of the the earth to the beautiful Scottish landscapes that evoke creativity and design, all completed and framed by detailed wire work.


The rural location where Shonagh lives and works, surrounded by fields, woods, farm livestock and wild deer, is the perfect environment to inspire her daily creative practice. Shonagh’s passion for her Scottish heritage, the landscape and natural beauty found in the semi-precious gemstones used in her work, is constantly influencing her designs.


Shonagh approaches the creative process as an individual journey with each gemstone.  Sometimes she will start with sketches inspired by nature, more often, the design ideas are inspired by the stones themselves.  Each stone has a story to tell, and the energy and character which radiate through the tactile qualities, colour and form of the stone, helps determine how each jewellery item evolves.


Creating design elements to complement each stone through the detailed and intricate use of wire work, offers endless variety.  Using different colours and thickness of wire, Shonagh sometimes includes other decorative elements in the form of semi-precious gemstones and textiles, although sometimes when the stone is set in a unique wire work design, that is all that is needed.


In addition to creating her own work, Shonagh enjoys sharing her skills and techniques with others, enabling anyone to enjoy the experience of bringing life to their own creations.   Running workshops, bespoke and general, as well as annual residential courses are a rewarding element of Shonagh’s practice. 


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Stanley, Perthshire

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Using precious and semi precious metals and stones, Shona's Scottish inspired jewellery is created in her Perthshire workshop
Each pieces is inspired by Shonagh's love of the Scottish fields and Perthshire countryside
Working with precious metals and hand crafting each unique item, Shonagh's pieces make unique Scottish gifts
The design process starts in Shonagh's Perthshire workshop and includes full consultation with the person commissioning

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