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Shapes of Water Exhibition

Shapes of Water is the current Travelling Gallery exhibition as part of Scotland’s Year of Coasts & Waters 2020/21. Perthshire Artisan Suzie Eggins was one of 3 artists commissioned to create new work inspired by their individual perspective and relationship with coasts and water. Originally planned for Spring 2020, the exhibition was eventually able to hit the road in early September 21.

If you’ve ever spotted the eye catching Travelling Gallery around the country, it’ll come as no surprise that inside is equally intriguing. As a contemporary art gallery in a bus, it has been bringing exhibitions to communities throughout Scotland since 1978. Known for curating experimental, diverse and inclusive exhibitions, they feature an artistic programme which both inspires and engages a wide audience. They also nurture exciting new talent and we are not at all surprised that Suzie was asked to create a body of work for the Shapes of Water exhibition.

Suzie enjoys working with her imagination on a microscopic level and works intuitively and in situ, responding to her chosen environment in a slow and meditative way. Her inspiration for the series of 8 Risograph prints was sparked by the research work of Japanese Dr. Masaru Emoto’s into the potential of water being influenced by human thought and emotion. Suzie summarises the complexities of this research on her website and explains how this influenced her approach when considering how the water molecules of 8 Scottish rivers could look like when in a state of optimal health and balance.

Suzie deliberately chose to work with Riso printing for this project, as it is an environmental form of printmaking that uses vegetable inks, biodegradable screens and runs with minimal oil or plastic use.

Suzie’s work is featured alongside two other artists, Amy Gear and Rhona Mühlebach and will be in Lanarkshire this coming week and also back in Perthshire in Crieff Saturday 6 November

Click here for Suzie’s work on Perthshire Artisans.

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