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Meet Our Artisans — Part 2

This January, Perthshire Artisans is going from nine Artisan members to eighteen! With these Artisans and their products all on our site, we now have an incredibly varied range of offerings and different creative practices represented, all unique in their own way.

If you’re not yet familiar with our nine initial Artisans, do take a look at part 1 of this blog post series for a summary of who they are. But in this blog post, we are delighted to be introducing you to our nine new Artisans and what they create:

Jane Drysdale: Jane is a glass artist who creates hand-crafted kiln-formed glass artworks, producing a range of pieces which can be functional or purely decorative. Her recent work is inspired by the confines of lockdown and the need to focus and retain control in an uncertain world.

Julie Godfrey: Julie handcrafts indulgent artisan soaps, skincare products and solid shampoos using age old techniques to create a contemporary and 100% natural skincare collection. Ensuring her process is sustainable throughout is an integral part of Julie’s practice.

Dave Hunt: Dave is a photographic artist with a passion and love for vintage analogue photography. His work includes working with film, various alternative printing techniques and also the wet plate collodion process from the 1850’s.

Karenina Johnson: Karenina is an artist who loves painting aspects of Scottish life, from quirky humorous landscapes to dark brooding scenes, flowers, birds and a particular favourite, bees. Karenina enjoys working in both oils and acrylics and occasionally adds in the lustre of 24 carat gold leaf.

Laura Woods: Laura is a designer who sculpts wire and occasionally enjoys working with wood or stone. Laura chooses to maintain a simplistic style, focusing on strong and unmistakable silhouettes and draws inspiration from the Perthshire countryside.

Derek Allan: Derek is a silversmith and jeweller who enjoys working with a number of mediums in various forms, including silver, copper and precious and semi-precious stones. He's inspired by history and culture, especially Scottish and Scandinavian.

Louise Nowell: Louise is a felt and fibre artist who paints with wool, silk and natural fibres, creating unique pieces that combine beautiful colours with a feeling of depth and a highly tactile quality. Her work reflects the countryside, flora and fauna that surround her.

Sheila Roberts: Sheila is an artist and printmaker inspired by her love of nature, Scotland’s wildlife and, in fabulous contrast, the power of tribal art, fuelled by her childhood spent in Ghana. Sheila’s designs are made through soft etchings, working with metal, acid, wax, paper and finally ink.

Laura Grace Caldwell: Laura is a designer creating contemporary, bold and colourful polymer clay jewellery collections. Her designs are strongly influenced by a combination of her background in theatre design and her Perthshire surroundings.

Don't forget to check out our online shop to see a range of new products by all our talented and unique artisans!

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