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Perthshire Artisans ASSEMBLE

Updated: Jun 25

We're busy prepping for our inaugural exhibition as a collective of artists and creatives. Primarily we are an online platform, our aims are to support and showcase the Artisan members in their creative business. However we're emerging from behind your screens and will 'ASSEMBLE' to share artworks from several of our members as part of the St Matthews Summer Gallery & Festival, on Tay Street in Perth from 13-19 July.

Many of the Artisans exhibit and sell their work through galleries, exhibitions and events. The summer offers a bounty of opportunities, so we're excited and delighted to showcase the wonderful talent, variety of style, originality and quality of the Artisans work in one venue, for one week in Perth city centre.

Coming together is an important aspect of what we do at Perthshire Artisans, it's when the magic happens, sometimes guided by a plan, often popping up unexpectedly.

Having regular opportunities to reach out to fellow like minded creatives is highly valued by the Artisans. We have monthly online meet ups, we arrange a couple of in person meet up days throughout the year and have a 24/7 dedicated online space where we can ask questions, share opportunities and connect whenever it's helpful. Coming together in person for an exhibition is a first for us, and it's another way we're delighted to support them, and we're looking forward to welcoming you to come and see their work for yourself.

ASSEMBLE takes place from Saturday 13 - Friday 19 July at St Matthews Church, Tay Street in Perth. Open from 10-4pm (except Sunday 1-4pm). The busy folk at St Matthews have put together a video about each of their 8 exhibitions, ASSEMBLE is week 2, and you can see their video here.

If you're a Perthshire based artist and been wondering what we're all about, pop in for a chat, it would be lovely to connect and share what we do.

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